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Greenock Boxing Club can help you achieve your fitness goals whether your new to exercise or a fitness freak, we have a coaching team capable of taking you to the next level. Anyone is welcome to the club, all we ask is you work hard and listen to the coaching team ! 

Introduction to Boxing


Introduction to Boxing looks after anyone knew to the club. 

This half hour class allows for new comers to have fun and learn some new skills, preparing them for a step into sparring. Adults are welcome to wait in our break away area while the kids train.No equipment is required to get started, all that is needed is comfortable sports clothing & a bottle of water - No Fizzy Juice ! 

Monday         4.30pm - 5pm

Wednesday   4.30pm - 5pm

Competing Class

This class is purely for those competing and representing Greenock Boxing Club. Sparring is mandatory at this class. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure that each boxer gets enough attention from the coaching team.

Monday         5pm - 6pm

Wednesday   5pm - 6pm

Adult Boxing Class


This class is where our boxers develop there skills and prepare for competitions. If you want to learn how to box or keep fit then this is the class for you however it can be busy ! 

Sparring is completely optional and you will only be allowed to take part when our coaches feel you are ready. The fitness work consists of working with punch bags, pad work & a circuit based workout such as press ups & star jumps.

Monday & Wednesday: 6pm -7.15 pm
Friday: 5pm -6.15 pm

Adult Fitness Class


This class is specifically for those who want to get fit, with a mix of aerobic, body weight and boxing exercises to help improve your cardio and overall fitness levels.

Tuesdays & Thursday: 5.30pm

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